FIA reveals Meesha Shafi guilty of running a character assassination campaign against Ali Zafar

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Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi was found wrong on Tuesday by the FIA for running a “character assassination” campaign against Ali Zafar.

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As per Dawn News, an interval Challan was submitted by FIA’s cybercrime Lahore wing, under the watchful eye of the court on FIR Enlisted on Ali Zafar’s charge.

FIA report on this charge

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According to the Federal Investigation Agency, Meesha Shafi had not given any witness before the court so that her allegations were taken as scandalous or untruthful.

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Since 2018, Ali Zafar had filed a charge with the Federal Investigation Agency cybercrime wing that he was receiving threats from many social media accounts.

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However, it is true that many fake accounts were created as part of a ” character assassination campaign against Ali Zafar. He also claimed that the profiles were linked to “Meesha Shafi”

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According to Ali Zafar, a Twitter account named, @nehasaigol1 had posted 3,000 scandalous posts against me and my family in 1 year was created just 50 days before Meesha Shafi claims of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar.

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