Most Googled People by Pakistani’s in 2020

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In December, Google revealed the most googled people for the whole world. It is a source of interesting information that what every country searched the most in the last 11 months.

For 2020, Google has already revealed the most googled people of every country so without further ado, let us get straight into the most googled people of Pakistan of 2020.

The people you googled most in Pakistan in 2020

1) Marvi Sirmed

Journalist and social rights activist, Marvi Sirmed googled the most in Pakistan due to her controversial figure which is especially hated by the conservative people of Pakistan. She becomes the center of the country’s attention in March 2020, when she was leading the moment “AURAT MARCH” in the country.

2) Uzma Khan

Uzma Khan is the second most searched woman in Pakistan in 2020. She became the center of the country’s attention when a woman slapped her, and the news was leaked online. It was later revealed that the woman who slapped her was the wife of a man who was in an extra-marital relationship with Uzma Khan.

3) Joe Biden

The president-elect Joe Biden becomes the third most searched person in Pakistan. The US election becomes popular in every country but in Pakistan, some people fear that he will restart the drone attacks like president Barack Obama and kill innocent peoples in Waziristan.

4) Alizeh Shah

Actress Alizeh Shah also takes place in the most googled people of Pakistan of 2020. She is in this category due to her personal life however, the news also tends that she has broken with her boyfriend Noman Sami.

5) Hareem Shah

The social media and TikTok star, Hareem Shah take 5th place in this category. As we all know that social media and TikTok star got searches the most throughout the world. Meanwhile, she was rumored for many reasons in 2020.

6) Minahil Malik

In the year 2020, TikTok star got fame more than the YouTubers in Pakistan which Minahil Malik is one of them who got many searches on google in 2020.

7) Falak Shabir

Singer Falak Shabir took 7th place in the most googled people of 2020 of Pakistan just because of marrying Pakistan’s sweetheart Sarah Khan.

8) Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar took 8th place in this category. The extremely poor quality song “tum tum” made Asim Azhar in this category. However, he was very trolled after breaking up with Hania Aamir.

9) Esra Bilgic

Esra Bilgic took 9th place in the category of Pakistan’s most googled persons of 2020. Her character as a Halime Sultan in the Turkish show Dirilis Ertugrul made her popular in Pakistan. Due to her character in Dirilis Ertugrul, she was loved by every Pakistani.

10) Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is considered the sweetheart of Pakistan. She took 10th place in this category. However, she was very famous when she was at a wedding with singer Falak Shabir.

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