Raqs e Bismil, know more about Imran Ashraf’s character!

On October 14, Imran Ashraf posted a picture on his Instagram introducing us to his new character called “Moosa”. He was clad in black shalwar kameez with a checkered turban on his head. It was Imran Ashraf’s character for his new serial called “Raqs e Bismil” alongside Sara Khan.

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Know more about Imran Ashraf’s character!

imran ashraf's character

Raqs e Bismil revolves around the love story of two people from different backgrounds who fall in love with each other. This love affair will go on and face problems together due to their different environments.

Imran Ashraf himself was very excited about his role in the serial as he claims this is the type of scripts he has been waiting for. His character “Moosa” is portrayed as a strict guy who always follows all the rules in his life but his feelings start taking a turn when he falls for a niqab clad girl whom he hasn’t seen in his life before!

Sarah Khan in Raqs e Bismil will be seen alongside Imran!

The drama has been directed by Wajahat Rauf and produced by Shazia Wajahat who offered the role of Moosa to Imran Ashraf!

This is all we know about Imran Ashraf’s character for now! The drama will be hitting screens soon as the teasers have already been making rounds.

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