The Zellbury Kids Collection Reviewed

Recent times have seen many of the textile producers expand their product range. A large part of them have started producing more casual wear or athletic wear that would constitute as ‘athleisure’. Al-Rahim Textiles group has been in the industry since 1992 and in more recent years launched another label known as Zellburry. An answer to most of your needs, Zellbury kids collection is also now getting fame in the market.

The Girls Segment

The options for girls includes denim, pret wear and t-shirts. The denim has some jeans that have some iterations which have flowers woven on them. There is also some variation in colours, ranging from a classic light blue all the way to a much darker blue and also black. A few of their jeans also have a minimal pattern on them. The cut is mostly tapered.

The pret wear has options of lawn kurtis. These are very cute designs that are loose and comfy. They have some motifs printed on them with some that have a heavier design print. For t-shirts Zellbury has made a range with some graphic elements printed on them. The designs either have text in block letters or line art and some have a bit of both. The colour range is mellow, with most in greys and blues, with some that are yellow and one that is black.

These are all in cotton, making for comfortable breathable clothing that is befitting of the weather in Pakistan.

The Boys Segment

For boys Zellbury has polos & t-shirts, shalwar kurtas and some shirts. The range for polos & t-shirts has lesser options than the girls section. with two options for polos, one of which has a fern based design pattern that looks very nice. The other option has a dotted pattern on it. Both are a mix of blue and white. The t-shirts are few as well, with some graphic designs on them.

The shirt range is similarly concise. It has some that are made from denim and others that are in cotton. Plain colours feature more with a few that have patterns. 

The boys shalwar kurta section has a lot more options. With many more colour options as well. These include yellows, blues, greys, along with a bit of pink and maroon. The cut is simple straight lined and there are a few which have patterns on them.

Most of all this is in cotton, with a few exceptions in the shalwar kurta section. There is a some polyester viscose in the kurta range. Which one chooses is a matter of what feels more comfortable and also the weather may be a determining factor. In summer cotton works better due to being a breathable fabric.

An Affordable Option

One of the winning edges aside from the quality material is the price. Many brands have options but they are not in an accessible range. With Zellbury this is something they have made sure to manage well. Their range is all affordable, letting more people access their apparel. A helpful edge to have in today’s day as things are so costly it deters most people from spending. The options may be less but can be mixed and matched. If cared for they shall last a good while too

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