MONSOON RAINFALL SPELL- Karachi comes to halt due to flood

Rain is one of the blessings of Allah to the world, but for Karachi, it is the cause of complete destruction to the city. The recent monsoon rainfall spell has caused great misery to the residents of Karachi. Karachi being the metropolitan city of Pakistan lacks the basic road and sewage structure. The poorly designed sewage system of the city has destroyed due to heavy rainfall. Many streets and houses are flooded in sewage water.

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Pic26-039 KARACHI: Jul26- A view of a flooded road after heavy monsoon rains at North Nazimabad in provincial capital. ONLINE PHOTO by Sabir Mazhar

The destruction caused by rainfall in Karachi

Videos and photos shared on social media by residents in Karachi showed submerged cars and motorcycles and water entering houses and buildings, wreaking havoc in the country’s most populous city. 

The below-shared video is made by a resident of Nagan chowrangi, Karachi. The main and busy road of Nagan chowrangi is flooded with rainwater. Not only this, but one can see in below video the immense pressure of flowing water. A heavy vehicle is also seen floating in the waves of water.

Nagan Chowrangi

The following video is made at the famous food street of Karachi “BURNS ROAD”. The street is flooded with mud water, and shops are half under the water and half above it. The engines of automobile vehicles especially cars and motorbikes, stopped working due to the massive flow of water. Owners are compelled to leave their vehicles on the road and save their lives.

Burns road

MA Jinnah Road, one of the busiest roads at the centre of Karachi, can also be seen in the below video shared by a resident. MA Jinnah Road is also suffering from the disaster of recent heavy rainfall. The level of water can be seen in the video as the car in the video is almost under the water, only the roof of the car is visible to the eyes.

M A Jinnah road

The below video is of an anonymous street of Karachi. The shop in the street is half under the water and half above it. The level of water has increased in the street so much that only the head of the man is above the water level, and the lower part of the body is under the water. Children of low height are swimming in the sewage water as they can’t walk in immense pressure of water.

Karachi street

Hospitals are supposed to save people but in Karachi, even hospitals are not saved with rainfall and sewage water. Famous and well-known hospital of Karachi AGA KHAN HOSPITAL is also flooded in sewage water. Patients at the hospital can be seen in this video. They are helpless and leaving the hospital to save their lives.

The following footage of the NURSERY furniture market, main Shahrah e Faisal Road depicts the destruction of rainfall. Submerged cars and flooded shops speak the truth of the poorly established infrastructures of road.

Where rainfall has destroyed the metropolitan city, it has also taken so many lives. More than 30 people have lost their lives and thousands of residents have lost their properties ad other valuable assets. But it is unfair to blame heavy rainfall for all the destruction, rather we must say that this is the result of the performance of representatives of Karachi and High Officials in whose hands the fate of Karachi has been given.

Moreover, the city which is known as the “CITY OF LIGHTS” is now in complete darkness. Feeders of more than half of Karachi tripped due to heavy rainfall. Pakistan Army and Pakistan Rangers are working selflessly for the poor and destitute ones.

The rains are expected to continue this week in Karachi, where Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier this month sent troops to help local authorities in pumping out rainwater from inundated residential areas.

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