8 Of The Amazing Pakistani Web series Available On YouTube, You Must Watch

It is amazing to see how the Pakistani media industry is progressing rapidly and making new amazing contents other than boring and exhausted dramas based on only romance and in-laws’ issues. with the passage of time writers and directors are realizing that stories of dramas and movies can address other topics relating to the general public.

Numerous amazing contents were also found on Youtube where people or Vlogger made and shared their own videos or experiences. later on, these short videos started to evolve and transform into meaningful long videos based on the ground realities of our society, to which the majority of the people of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh could relate. These videos then started to expand to more than one episode and now people know these episodes as WEB-SERIES.

Some amazing Pakistani Web series available on YouTube:

1) Middle se ooper-Kenwood Pakistan

web series,  middle s ooper. pakistani web series

Middle se ooper is a comedy series based on a middle-class family comprising of 6 members including an uncle, who has recently shifted to a new house in a high standard locality. The series is starring famous Ushna Shah as a lovely and caring Neighbour of the new house of Mujahid and family. The story is about the struggle of the family for living in high standard society, to look cool among neighbours.  Mother and father of the family are typical desi parents who follow and practices customs and traditions of their times, while the children support the modern way of living.


2) Saat mulaqaten-Nashpati Prime

web series, saat mulaqatein, nashpati prime, paksitani web series

Saat mulaqaten is an emotional and happy ending story of a couple, who seek separation after 15 years of their marriage. Role of the husband is played by Nouman Aijaz and Zara Tareen is seen in the role of wife. They struggle to stay away from each other after separation as much as possible but every time they accidentally or deliberately meets each other. Indeed they both love and care for each other but no one courageous to admit the truth. The narrator of the story is Hamza Firdous as Asim. The web-series is the production of Nashpati, a brilliant producer of many beautiful and amazing web-series.


3) Summer love-Teeli

web series , more than friends, teeli, pakistani web series

web series Summer love is produced by teeli productions. The amazing web series is different from the one came up in our minds from the title, rather it is a journey of finding love. It is a love story of a boy Sami and a girl Nida. They are the newly joined interns in a software house, and the whole series is filmed inside that house. Would they be succeded in finding their love? Find it out by watching Summer Love.


4) Enaaya-Eros Now

web series, pakistani web series, enaaya, eros, mehwish hayat, asfar

Enaaya is a wonderful web-series of Eros Now about the struggle of a girl for achieving her goal of singing on a big platform. Enaaya is a college student with father-estrangement issues and a passion for music, who finds herself being selected in a major College Band. The panic starts when the girlfriend of the lead singer of the band shows aggressive behaviour against Enaaya.



5) Ayesha-CaC_1000 Plus PK

web series, pakistani web series, women empowerment , pakistani web series

Ayesha is the name of a middle-class mid-aged housewife on whom the story of the series is written. She is crushed between exhausting house hold chores plus raising his son and balancing her life. The role of the wife is played by Yusra Rizvi and Sarmad Khoosat is seen in the role of husband. The web series is initiated with a great cause of calcium awareness for all those people who have forgotten to take care of themselves in the tiring routine of life. Will Ayesha be able to take a break from her tiring life and taking care of her family? find it out now.

7) Super Heroes-Teeli

superheroes, teeli, web series, pakistani webs series

Superheroes is not the fictional story of superheroes with super powers and strange costumes  who save the world from enemies, but a beautiful depiction of struggles of  women of every society and every age. This amazing webseries is the story of four different women Laila, Zeenat, Amber and Natasha who are performing thier roles as woman in their respective societies. The web-series shows that the real superheroes are not the ones who have superpowers but the women who is struggling to make a better family and better role models. The series also conveys the message that no women is weak, every woman is strong in their own way thats why they are Superheroes.

8) The Roomeos-BVC Pakistani

web series, pakistani webseries, the roomeos,  Faham Usman, Rais ur Rehman, Hunain Riaz, Warda Jamal and Haram Shaikh, BVC Originals, in association with RKF and Dramacul

Another amazing web-series, The Roomeos features three roommates, Faham the jugat master, Hunan the vlogger and Rais the over-ambitious about his life, who have a completely different take on life, the web series shows their struggles as they wish to pursue their dreams, and addresses the struggles of being a millennial man. It’s about wanting to follow their dreams, to find themselves.

The cast includes Faham Usman, Rais ur Rehman, Hunain Riaz, Warda Jamal and Haram Shaikh while the series is presented by BVC Originals, in association with RKF and Dramacul

Enjoy more by watching all these amazing Web series.

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