Pakistan reporting more cases of coronavirus than Italy and Spain

Unfortunately, Pakistan is now reporting more confirmed coronavirus cases than the Italy and Spain, the former hotspots of COVID-19.

In the last 24 hours, more than 2,000 cases reported marking all cases more than 64000 in Pakistan. While the graph line in getting low in Spain and Italy.

Spain has been reporting less than 1,000 cases every day for a week now with no case on 25, May and 510 cases reported in the last 24 hours. Italy is also reporting less than 1,000 cases each with 584 confirmed Coronavirus cases yesterday.

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After the 2 months, lockdown score of cases has been escalating in Pakistan from before the week of Eid and is still increasing because of the ease in lockdown and will be at ease till 15 June.

The national tally has increased because of the so much rush at markets and people are not taking precautions and thinks its HOAX or the pandemic going on in the world isn’t that much serious in Pakistan also they don’t take the news of death seriously.

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Pakistan market situation after ease in lockdowm

Six people died from the doctor community in the last 24 hours in Pakistan. The front liners; doctors, paramedics, police and medical professionals are also losing their life while fighting and trying to save other people life. They are giving their life for the sake of their fellow citizens and country but not are not been provided with full protective suits.

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While reporting confirm cases of coronavirus in Pakistan as former hotspots of COVID-19, the death so far is less than 1400 in the country. And unlike the reported cases there are also more cases that have not been reported.

corona virus , pakistan, covid-19 , pakistan market , pakistani bazaar, paksitan increasing cases, pakistan increasing death

we hope that the high graph line comes down with speed in Pakistan as it is happing in other countries who faced worst with this pandemic.

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