Celebrities from All Over World Mourning Over Karachi PIA Plane Crash.

If we say 2020 so suddenly what came into our mind is 2020 cricket matches which end so quickly but if we talk about the Year 2020 so If I am not wrong everyone would say the laziest and worst year. The year which took sadness along with its First Corona Virus into China and then the whole world got affected because of Corona then We started losing our loved ones.

The worst thing happen with the world

Stock markets ,businesses,jobs all came under the dark cloud of Corona .People started losing their life,jobs,relations and many more .If we talk about Pakistan so its not a good year for Pakistani’s at all we restricted in our homes since 21 March 2020 as lockdown implemented in Pakistan like other countries then we got our Ramadan started people did not have anything to eat on their Seher and Aftar ,Mosques are not open for prayers no Eid No shoppings no fun no happiness just sadness everywhere

deeply saddened thing this Ramzan

And When its about our Jumma Tul Wida we got news about Karachi Plane Crash Flight PK8303 LH-KHI crashed just 15 to 30 seconds away from the runway

Don’t have words how unpredictable life is people was coming to their home to celebrate Eid and they can’t even see their loved ones on their last time ..

Whole world is mourning over this heartwrenching #planecrash in which about 99 passengers and crew members were travelling and 97 people died and 97 families lost their loved ones .But picture wo abhi khatam kaha hoi hy plane crashed in Model Society Karachi a commercial area where many houses and civilians got injured or died no reports about them but bat sirf ye hai App apne ghar me bhi save nahi” to kahan jaen phir May Allah forgive all of our Sins and give Sabar to departed souls families and loved ones.

Celebrities from all over the world including Pakistan ,India and Turkey all send their condolence for this incident lets check it out :

All are devasted and sad
No one can eve imagine more worst in this corona season
Humayun Saeed
yes Life is unpredictable 🙁

Not Only Pakistani celebrities but Indian Celebrities are also sad on this incident Check it out :

good too see that humanity still alive No hate no war just feel this time is tough for the whole world

#Ertugrul famed Turkish Stars shared their #condolences as well .lets Check it out :

Thank you #Engin
Thanks 🙁

Atlast I dont have words to say anything

Someone PLEASE reinstall 2020 nO More BAD NEWS ,NO SADNESS PLease Allah forgive all the departed souls from #PIAcrash and Someone please #BanPIA its not the first time due to their negligence we lost our #lovedones 🙁

this broke my heart

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  1. Beshak Allah batar se guzar k behtareen se nawazta hai .. have faith in Allah he never left his believers alone .. inshaAllah he will bless us with his kindness .

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