5 Ramzan Songs That Are Imitation Of Bollywood Songs

The month of Ramazan is a treat for everybody. People often forbid bad habits such as listening to songs, backbiting, etc. The fast is about trying to be as nice to each other as their empty bellies allow them to be, and then at iftar, go all insane over delicious food. They pray, serve, and life progress on.

If you considered only reciting Naats is a prevailing trend in Ramadan, you have not seen what some people are up just when you thought the atmosphere was striking with only spiritual deeds and everyone is being fully observant of Ramadan, let me acquaint you to some shocking things people have done. There are certain songs about the holy month – you read it correctly – that would boggle your soul! These people have made displeasing songs that will make you question their agenda about the spirit of this month.

While we agree purposes may not be immoral, what executes these songs unusual is their melodies are copied from Bollywood music, which we don’t feel great about.

Here are some obnoxious songs that are copy of Bollywood songs;


The die-hard Bollywood fan can recognize this song within a flash.
Here a girl, along with her siblings praised her mother for bringing ‘jalebi’ in iftaar. She must be hungering for it.

This song is an exact copy of ‘Jalebi Baai’ from Double Dhammal, and I’m sure your ears gonna bleed after listening to it.

Jalebi Baaibollywood song


They simply can’t eject Bollywood songs. Certain religion-inspired songs that will make you go Astaghfirullah, My God, why associate the holy month with this sort of crap?

You thought its ‘Teri Meri Prem Kahani’? No worries, I thought the same after hearing it for the very first time. This odious song is a replica of;

‘Teri Meri Prem Kahani ‘


If you hadn’t had plenty of these uncanny Ramazan songs still, this one’s certain to you –as ‘Roze Rakho Momino’ will surely blow your mind and bleed your ears.

We regret this song but we couldn’t endure in silence, so it’s obligatory for you to hear it and cry afterwards.

Ever heard this version ofO Lala O Lala? We are assured, even Vidiya Balan will gonna cry buckets and rivers after listening to it.

All these mentioned songs are heavily inspired by Bollywood melodies, and we are inspired by others creativity. *SlowClaps*

Oh lala ooh lala

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 These Ramazan songs as you’ll notice are massively inspired by Bollywood songs and the one is this familiar tune;

It seems so much similar to this bollywood song;

Tum tou tehrey pardesi”


Of all the Ramazan songs in this list, you’re sure to identify this one without even checking out the original.

It sounds too much like this Bollywood song:

‘Sandese Aatey Hain’

You just executed it through the most cringe-worthy content about Ramadan there could ever survive in the history. They are absolutely mislaying the spirit of this period. It is only putting the Muslim community to shame!!

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