Increase in domestic violence due to lockdown.

This lockdown situation is causing an increase in domestic violence in different counterparts of the world. More and more cases of internal violence are being reported from major countries like China and France. Pakistan is also standing in the list of violence reporting countries. From the beginning, domestic violence has been a problem in Pakistan and now this lockdown just made the condition worst.

Reported cases of Domestic violence

As of 25 April, there was an incident 6 days ago. A father murdered his 2-year-old son during the lockdown. Upon investigation He stated that his wife left him with his son as there was nothing to eat at home, the child started crying. The furious father murdered the innocent son to take revenge on his wife. Now, this is the perfect example of how this lockdown is causing an increase in domestic violence.

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Christopher Castaner, the interior minister of France is fully worried about the issue of domestic violence. He stated that in Paris the number of reported cases has increased up to 36% and 32% in nearby cities since the lockdown in March. He also stated that 75% of the women ageing from teenage to 45 years experienced domestic violence at some part in their life but only 20% of cases were reported.

In this situation of lockdown due to the increase of domestic violence, The government in Spain introduced a system of the code word. As women are trapped in homes due to lockdown, they presented a code word “Mask-19”. A woman i.e: victim of domestic violence can just go to the pharmacy and ask for Mask-19 and the pharmacist will inform the cops or other related department.

This violence i.e: physical is more common among women and children whereas emotional or psychological violence is more common among men.

It is reported that every three days a woman is killed by an intimate partner but only a few cases are reported. Mainly countries like Pakistan, China, Italy, Germany and Brazil are reporting a spike in domestic violence due to lockdown.

According to the media reports, in Hubei province of China, the number of reported cases of domestic violence tripled from last year in same time frame i.e: 47 to 162 cases.

In Columbus, the city of Ohio, the greater number of cases of domestic violence is also reported. The authorities stated that only with in the last week of March the number of reported cases reached to the teeming height of 60.

In Downtown Houston, Activists reported that the calls of violence increased up to 25% in March as compared to February and up to 50% as compared to 2019, just because of the lockdown. The authorities in Brazil also reported a 40% to 50% increase in domestic violence.

Six days ago, it was reported that a woman in Japan experienced some serious head injuries on the head during this lockdown. Later upon investigation cops found out that it was her husband who did this to her. The woman later died in hospital. The man stated that there was an argument at home concerning the income.

As domestic violence is becoming a more serious problem in Pakistan, the governments and public agencies are doing their best to ensure the safety of citizens. The public helpline for domestic violence in 1043 in Pakistan which is working 24/7 for safety o women and kids.

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