7 Powerful drugs being used against coronavirus

Many medicines for coronavirus are being tested in laboratories and universities. Researchers and scientist are working to find definite and fully working drugs for coronavirus. For this purpose, the doctors and researchers are bouncing from medicines of Ebola virus to malaria and drugs of Blood pressure to Japan flu.

In this process, the doctors have found many clues about the effectiveness of certain drugs but the results are not conclusive thus we can not use a certain drug for the treatment of novel coronavirus. Different types of medicines are being tested and used in different parts of the world to treat this virus.


As the researchers and doctors have not found any exact medicine for coronavirus thus the drugs for depressing the symptoms are being used. As today (22-April) the total research count on Sars-Cov-2 has reached up to 795 out of which 495 are clinical studies. Some of these researches are still active and ongoing whereas 9 studies have been completed. New studies are being added every day.

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Drugs experimented for coronavirus

Many medicines are being used for treatment of coronavirus. Some of these drugs are showing promising results. These drugs are given below:

1) EIDD-2801 Antiviral drug

This is a broad-spectrum oral antiviral. Studies have shown that this drug blocks the replication of cells of Sars-Cov-2 in the body. The drug was previously tested on highly pathogenic Mers-Cov, it was observed that this drug combines with the RNA of the virus cells and causes damaging mutations, soon the virus is overwhelmed with the damaging mutations and the virus fails to replicate.

“EIDD-2801 is an oral drug that could be administered at home, early after diagnosis, This has the potential to be as ubiquitous as Tamiflu in the future, as long as it proves to be safe and effective in people.”

Timothy sheahan, from University of North Carolina
EIDD-2801 structure, drug for coronavirus, COVID-19, drug,, medicine

This research is completed and the drug is ready for human trials. Food and Drug Administration has granted permission to analyse this medicine on humans.

2,3) Antimalarial drugs (chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine)

Please note: These both are two different drugs and have different composition thus have different effects on the body. These both are used to treat malaria.

The U.S Food and drug administration has allowed these drugs mainly for the treatments of malaria. This drug is being used since the 1960s. Now this drug is also being used for the treatment of the novel COVID-19. Studies have found some connection between the activity of cells of Sars-Cov-2 and these drugs.

When the first Sars-Cov came out in 2003, this was also an epidemic. In 2005 studies presented that the chloroquine was efficient in stopping the spread of Sars-Cov. The Sars-Cov is directly related to Sars-Cov-2 thus this medicine can prove very beneficial.

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Moreover, the University of Minnesota is studying whether the transmission of the virus from infected to healthy people can or can not be stopped by the use of hydroxychloroquine. In another study made in France, it was reported that the concentration of novel coronavirus in patients who took hydroxychloroquine fell faster than patients who didn’t take this medicine.

The CDC agency directed the doctors to be careful while giving this medicine to a patient with a chronic disease or a patient who is already taking other medicines as this drug can interact. The interaction of this drug with other medicines can cause the irregular beating of the heart.

4) Remdesivir

Remdesivir is a drug which was created to treat Marburg virus. This drug is being tested and used in coronavirus patients. It has shown antiviral activities which means that this drug targets the virus itself.

The trials of this virus show that moderately ill patients can recover with the 5 to 10 days of Remdesivir treatment and severely ill patients can take more than 10 days.

“If given early enough, we’re hoping that Remdesivir interferes with the virus and blocks its ability to replicate in patients’ cells, The goal is that it staves off the deadly inflammatory cascade that leads to respiratory failure and the need to be intubated and put on a ventilator.”

Dr Kevin Grimes, an infectious disease physician
Dr Catherine Paules speaking on remdesivir treatment of Coronavirus.

5) Favipiravir (Influenza drug in Japan)

Favipiravir is an antiviral drug sold in Japan to treat influenza. It has shown some results in the treatment of coronavirus. The trials of the favipiravir took place in china.

In the City of China, Shenzen; the trial of this drug reduced the recovery time from 11 days to 4 days in case of mild cases. It was also observed that the cough and fever duration was reduced drastically.

6) Immunosuppressive agents

In some people, it is observed that the immune system can turn against the body. When the coronavirus targets the body, the immune system undergoes a shock. In this condition of panic, the immune system randomly attacks the body organs. This is known as the cytokine storm. This condition can trigger inflammations in the body.

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To stop the cytokine storm, medicines used in joint diseases are used as immunosuppressants by doctors. Actemra or tocilizumab is used as an immunodepressant drug.

A pharmaceutical company Roche announced that they launched trials to know if the tocilizumab improves the condition of novel corona patients. This study or trial is still ongoing. The results are not out but it is expected that it will prove beneficial.


7) Medicines used for Blood pressure

Losartan is a medicine made in 1995 which is mainly used to treat the high blood pressure, it is also used in kidney diseases. It works by blocking the release of angiotensin 2 in the blood which increases blood pressure. It is somehow related to coronavirus.

The coronavirus binds with the ACE2 receptor which converts angiotensin. So according to doctors if they observe the relationship between the virus cells and the medicine, they can treat coronavirus using the losartan. The generic version of this medicine is also cheap so that if it is an effective treatment then anyone can access it.

Medicines used for Blood pressure, drugs for coronavirus, covid-19, drugs, medicine

The University of Minnesota is launching two clinical trials with different objectives. The first one is to determine whether the medicine can stop multi-organ failure whereas the second one in to see if the medicine can control the virus at the domestic level, in other words, to prevent hospitalization.


These are the mainly used drugs which are currently being used by the doctors and physicians to control the symptoms of COVID-19. This all is concluded to the result that none of the medicines given above is the official treatments of the novel coronavirus. Don’t take any of these medicines by yourself.

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