Hilarious Memes made on Taher Shah’s new song Farishta.

Famous Pakistani singer “Taher Shah” is back with his new song “Farishta” and so they are the memes. His new song is inviting funniest memes and tweets that will definitely make your day.

Few days before Taher shah announced that he is going to release his new song. But the name of the song was not revealed to the public. This news spread like a wildfire within a day but no one expected the Urdu version of Angel.

His song “Farishta” grabbed a position in top ten trending twitter hashtags in Asia especially in Pakistan and India soon after the release of the song. People all over the country and outside the country are trolling Taher Shah like they did when he released his song “Angel”.

Here is the glimpse of most hilarious tweets and memes made on him and song Farishta. But if you have not listened the song, then listen it first.

Tahir Shah’s new song “Farishta”
A tweeter believes that the song “farishta” is the exact translation of Taher Shah’s other song “angel” which was also got trolled.

A tweeter even suggested that the song can be the best way to keep public at home during lockdown.

Even the famous cricket enthusiast Dennis freedman is also taking part in this funny trend. He made a funny video in which he is singing self-made English version of song Farishta.


Tweeters are also saying that the scenes in the video of Farishta is copied from popular movie Harry Potter.

A person’s hilarious comment on video of Farishta on YouTube is also getting popularity across the social media.


This girl believes that the sewing machine of brand Singer is better than Taher Shah.

A man thinks that the song is more dangerous than the corona.


A tweeter shared a funny effect of the song on his ear.


Hope you are all are enjoying the song and memes as well in the dire global situation cause of the coronavirus.

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