Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling says breathing technique helped her from COVID-19.

The writer of the well-known book Harry Potter J.K.Rowling revealed that she experienced all the symptoms of COVID-19. She says that she is completely fine now.

She tweeted saying, “For the last 2 weeks I’ve had all symptoms of C-19” despite never taking a test to find out if she, in fact, was positive.

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J.K.Rowling revealed that she has now recovered completely from the virus (which is not yet tested). She also added that on her husband’s advice she started to adopt a technique to relieve respiratory symptoms as soon as she experienced some of the symptoms of COVID-19 which showed a positive effect.

The author also shared a video of the doctor of Queens Hospital in the United Kingdom who shared a breathing technique he claims it can help those infected with COVID-19.

A UK hospital doctor; Dr Sarfaraz Munshi describes a vital breathing technique for coronavirus COVID-19 sufferers that could prevent the patients from contracting secondary pneumonia which could prove incredibly dangerous to health.

The doctor explains the technique in his video, “You will take five deep breaths in and each time you hold your breath for five seconds. On the sixth deep breath, you will take it in and you will do a big cough, covering your mouth, you will do this twice. And then you will lay flat on your bed with a pillow in front of you taking slightly deeper breaths for the next 10 minutes. The majority of your lungs are on your back, not on your front. By lying on your back you’re closing off more of the smaller airways. This is not good during a period of infection,” the doctor continues, adding that those who have not yet experienced symptoms can also benefit from the technique.

However, the fact is the technique in the video could help spread the coronavirus to others. Because by coughing, one could directly infect people with droplets, or these droplets on someone’s hands can be transferred to another person.

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