COVID-19: Mother Earth is healing itself

Due to the strict rules of self-confinement to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 –all journeys but also the trips to walk the dog or buy food are forbidden – the ancient city has been transformed almost overnight.

As humans are lockdown in their houses creating less pollution in the environment giving mother earth opportunity to heal itself raises one question, “ Are humans dangerous to earth?”

Himalayas visible from India after 30 years

The Himalayas the most beautiful mountain range formed as a result of the collision between the Indian Plate and Eurasian Plate which began 50 million years ago and continues today.

In respect of tourism Himalayas‘ natural beauty attract thousands of tourists a year, one of the main reasons so many people travel to the region is to take on the lofty peaks themselves. The Himalayas are home to the world’s tallest mountain, and scaling it is a true feat for any skilled mountain climber.

himalaya, nature, coronavirus, less pollution, covid-19

The Himalayas can be seen from India as nature heals during coronavirus lockdown erase air pollution.

Indians in the city of Jalandhar and the surrounding area of Punjab have posted photos and saying they never seen such an eye-catching view for decades they enjoying the unprecedented view.

Nature is taking back Venice

venice , coronavirus, nature, mother earth healing, less pollution, covid-19

Venice is the most unique city in Italy the city of canals. It is situated on a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by over 400 bridges.

Nature is sending us a message with the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis

Inger Andersen, UN’s environment chief

According to people when they look into the waters of the Venice canals today there is a surprising sight and amazing view– not just a clear view of the sandy bed, but shoals of tiny fish, scuttling crabs and multicoloured plant-life which amazed the people there.

venice, less pollution, coronavirus, nature

The water is blue and clear now there are a no motorised boats transporting tourists and the giant cruise ships have disappeared which cause huge pollution.

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