Aiman and Minal khan join hands with Asim Jofa in PPE effort

Aiman and Minal khan has joined hands with renowned Pakistani designer in making personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors who are fighting against coronavirus fearlessly day and night.

Minal Khan uploaded a video on her Instagram with the caption “let’s fight back…!” in which she is sewing suit along with other workers. She also encouraged people all over the world who know sewing to come forward and help Asim Jofa in his noble aim.

Asim Jofa along with his team came up with special protective gear for medical staff that selflessly continues to work in hospitals in order to treat patients suffering from COVID-19. Asim Jofa also showed what the first fabric prototype of the protective suit looked like. In his video, he also thanked his team for helping him achieve this noble aim.

Many other celebrities like Adnan Siddique, Yasir Hussain, Ushna Shah, Sonya Hussain and Iqra Aziz are also working for Asim Jofa’s aim and have successfully played their part to help our country in this difficult time.

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