Top 5 best Pakistani comedy television shows of all time.

There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistani comedy shows have always been love to watch and are enormously respected by the admirers. people of all ages love comedy and never get bored of watching it.

we have had some of the funniest and best comedies that never failed to make us laugh. Scroll down to catch the list of best and top Pakistani comedy tv show list.

1. Loose talk

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The iconic TV show of the 90s ‘Loose Talk’, featuring two legendary names of Pakistan: Moin Akhtar (late) and Anwer Maqsood caught all the attention, and became super famous among the Pakistanis. this tv show showed social and political issues prevailing in the country along with a touch of humour and sarcasm. The show began in 1995 on ARY Digital and is loved by almost everyone in Pakistan.

2. Aangan terha

The drama was based on many stories on multiple issues of society. Anwar Maqsood used humour to point out these issues to the public. Many major Pakistani stars and artists played great roles including the great comedians like lehri, Moin Akhtar, Mahmood Ali, Durdana butt, and Bushra Ansari. It was directed by Qaisar Farooq and written by Anwar Maqsood.

3. nadaaniyaan

Nadaaniyaan was a Pakistani family comedy sitcom that revolved around only 4 characters. It was written by Ali Raza Khan and directed by Yasir Nawaz. The show starred Danish Nawaz, Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir and Mirza Shahi in lead roles. The show is enjoyed by people of all ages in the whole country.

4.ainak wala jin

Ainak Wala Jin was a 1993 Pakistani children’s television drama. It was widely popular among children and adults at the same time for its humour and fictional storyline. The main actors of this drama were Shehzad Qaiser as Nastoor (Ainak Wala Jin), Munna Lahori as Zakoota Jin, Nusrat Ara as Bil Batori and many more.


Bulbulay is a Pakistani family sitcom about an unconventional Pakistani family. The show gained popularity after the introduction of Hina Dilpazeer, who plays Mumtaz. other lead roles are played by Nabeel, Ayesha omer, Mahmood Aslam. 

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