ALIF-famous spirituality based drama and novel

Alif is one of the amazing and relatable scripts the storyline and the dialogues of the play are adorable. Umera Ahmed has done an awesome job. She is the writer of this novel which later become a drama.

Alif also beat Ehd-e-Wafa and became the top hashtag trend on twitter after releasing of starting episodes. It touches the heart of the people and they become a big fan of it.

It is the only drama that gives you sleepless nights leaving with the thought of only creator ALLAH. Hamza and Sajal put souls in beautiful characters of Momin and Momina however the dialogues of Abdul Aala played an impressive role.

The ost of Alif is much soothing and admirable. The lyrics are so pure and narrates that in darkest times when we feel shattered, we seek refuge from Allah. Allah is the most flawless, beneficial and powerful and all praise is only for indeed
   “Ishq pe Haq bas Alif ka hai banndeya”

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